Your preferred supplier of high quality ready mix concrete for cost efficient construction!

Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is a specially designed mixture of cement, aggregates, sand, water and admixtures in accordance with European Standard: EN 206.

Jelcem selects raw materials according to stringent quality control in compliance to their corresponding standards. Jelcem produces Ready Mixed Concrete in fully automated batching plants. The RMC batching plants are equipped with a control system that controls the exact batching requirements of each RMC mixture design to ensure consistency and accuracy of constituent parts. All the plants are equipped with calibrated scales to ensure accuracy in the weighing all components in the RMC.

Jelcem uses Jelcem mixer trucks to guarantee the quality of our products by taking complete responsibility for the delivery of the Ready Mixed Concrete from our production sites to our customer’s sites.

Jelcem is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of the Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete, our services and customer satisfaction.   

Jelcem have in-house laboratories to ensure the quality of the raw materials and the finished Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete. . Our laboratories have equipment to provide a wide range of tests according with the European Norm: EN 206. Our laboratories are available for our customers to make any tests they may need.

Jelcem provide additional technical advice and assistance from our RMC expert and quality department.

Why you should use Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete?

Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete is made in high tech batching plants in accordance to standard designs. Jelcem guarantees the proportions and quality for every delivery.

  • Using Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete reduces the construction time.
  • Using Jelcem Ready Mixed Concrete eliminates raw materials waste and spillage.

VISION: The preferred supplier of high quality ready mix concrete for cost efficient construction.

MISSION: Jelcem operations are highly standardized, to ensure high and stable quality on products and services. Jelcem wants to improve our customers’ profitability through a long term business relationship.


Jacobsen Elektro Group has developed an operating system for Quality Assurance, Social Accountability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti Corruption.

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MNG-MAPA contract announcement

MNG-MAPA contract announcement Terminal 3 project awarded to Jelcem Ghana Ltd. Jelcem Ghana Ltd. are pleased to announce the awarded contract for the supply of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) for the Terminal 3 Project at Kotoka International Airport by the main EPC contractor MNG-MAPA of Turkey. In order to meet the demands of this milestone…

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